Our Story

On January 12 of 2010 Haiti suffered a devastating Earthquake. Since the airport in Haiti was not functioning, I entered Haiti thru the Dominican Republic after a 7 hour taxi ride.  A week long medical mission was concluded,  helping many. I was completely heartbroken to see so many children, orphaned and homeless, without access to basic necessities and no opportunity for an education. Determined to make a difference, I rented a small house and started rescuing the children of Haiti, one by one.

We want to do more than just give food for the week. We want to create sustainable projects that can help alleviate the poverty of the land. Every thing we do we do in the name of the LORD JESUS Christ. We give all the glory to GOD!!!

Mission Haiti Helping Kids does just that. We help kids big and small, young and tall. The name just seemed to fit as every time since 4/08 it was Mission Haiti — and that is what we did: Help Kids. We are a non-denominational Jesus loving bunch. The Lord has brought many different people together for the mission of helping the kids. Our objective is to preach the gospel of the kingdom, feed the hungry, clothe the naked , visit the sick, and help widows in their time of need.

Our first home began with just four boys, pictured on the right, and we now have  30 children that are safe, loved, fed and attend school.


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