Baptisms and New Additiions

Apr 28

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Our boys listening to Pastor John about baptism.

Jimmy and Pastor John











Mission Haiti Helping Kids: our destination is Haiti and our mission is to help kids.  In 2013 our 3 Care Homes continue to reach out to the kids of Haiti; all in Jesus’ name.  We are clothing the needy, feeding the hungry, and laying hands of the sick.  We are sharing the good news of the Kingdom of God through our different homes and programs in Port Au Prince, Haiti.

We are so happy to have new and returning missionaries.  It was so wonderful to have Pastor Keith and Wanda Gaetz for Prince Rupert, BC, Canada, come to visit for the first time.  They were followed by Pastor John Neufeld, Gordon McCallum and Tena Buhler as return missionaries from Burns Lake, BC.  Christy Worsoe and Barbara Jay Durand-Hine returned from New Jersey and New York.  Phil and Lori Cenzer returned from Michigan.

Oh, how the Lord moves through His saints.  We were thrilled that 14 of our boys followed the Lord through the waters of baptism.  This was a roof top event at one of our homes.  Though circumstances arose that thwarted a baptismal service at the beach—the devil did not win.  Each boy carried 5, 5 gallon containers up to a roof top cistern and filled it up.

Pastor Keith and Wanda laid a lot of the spiritual groundwork for these events through teaching and prayer.  Pastor John and Gordo performed the baptisms while Lori played the guitar.  I am sure the Lord was well pleased.  Each child chose a person to pray for them and there was a great outpouring upon the children on this trip.



Nerdine, Clifford, and Matherson.

Nerdine, Clifford, and Matherson.

We are so happy to say that two kids were added to the flock of Mission Haiti Helping Kids. Nerdine is a shy 7 year old beautiful little girl. She is somewhat malnourished as evidenced by her hairline’s orange color. This will change with time as she is now at Julia’s House in Haiti. She will be provided with everything she needs to flourish.

Then there is our Mr. Personality, at only 5 years old,our new little Matherson. He is truly a strong personality. I think he may be the strongest personality of all of our kids. Perhaps he will be a future leader in Haiti.

Most of the children are doing well. Jarvins fell out of a tree and broke his arm in two places. He spent a few days in the hospital but is now home and healing.  We have had make some tough decisions with the kids, so we ask you to continue to pray for this ministry and all of the people that it is touching.

Our Saturday program continues to feed the neighborhood kids in body and spirit. Please pray for our mommas and poppas and pray for me as well.

It was so much fun to have Phil and the team return from Michigan. They came to work with us again. Dustin and Neil blessed some of the kids with soccer shirts from Ultimate Soccer.  We were also blessed to have their Pastor Wess come with his father, and nephew  Brandon. Trina and Haylie gave  shoes to the kids and Jodi worked on our truck. Logan and Robert visited with us for the week. The kids really enjoy everyone who visits.

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